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The Lone*Star "Harvey Series" are vintage 54mm scale (unless otherwise stated) factory painted plastic figures. Vehicles are made out of diecast metal. They were manufactured in the UK between 1955 and 1976.

Catalogue number Description Condition Price (GBP)
Lone*Star Harvey Series Guards Guards - There are 3 version of the guards figures, 1st version have round/oval bases and smooth bearskin, 2nd version have round/oval bases and textured bearskin, 3rd version have "squared" bases and textured bearskin.
View picture 1st version Officer with sword, unpainted 1st version marching at slope, 2nd version Officer with sword *2, 2nd version marching at slope *2, unpainted 2nd version marching at slope, 2nd version present arms, 2nd version at ease, 3rd version marching at slope. FC 2.00 each
Guards band - Unlike the guards figures there was only 1 version of the bandsmen, They have squared bases and textured bearskins.
View picture Bandleader, side drummer, Bugler *2, Fifer *4, cymbals *2 FC 2.00 each
Lone*Star Harvey Series Royal Navy and Royal Marines

World War II

View picture Royal Marine Officer with Sword FC 4.00 each
View picture Naval Ratings GC 4.00 each
Lone*Star Harvey Series  Red Beret Paratroopers View picture Red berets: Officer, Kneeling firing rifle *2, flame-thrower *2, advancing with rifle overhead *2, kneeling holding rifle *2, standing firing rifle *2, advancing with rifle *2. FC 2.00 each
Lone*Star Harvey Series Paratroopers View picture Paratroopers (all have grey helmets unless otherwise stated): Officer with pistol *2, standing loading mortar *2, mine detector, bazooka *2, advancing with rifle, flame-thrower (green helmet), advancing with sten gun, standing firing rifle, kneeling with mortar shell, standing arms raised, standing arms raised (pale blue helmet), crawling with bren gun, officer with binoculars, crawling. FC 2.00 each
Lone*Star Harvey Series Anzacs and KAR View picture Kings African Rifle Kneeling with Sten Gun Figure 1 (same pose as Anzacs but dark skinned). GC 4.00
View picture Anzacs: Kneeling with Sten Gun * 3, Firing Sten Gun from waist, Throwing Grenade. GC 3.00 each
Lone*Star Harvey Series German stormtroopers and Afrika Korps View picture Afrika Korps (light grey): GR1 - Officer (repainted base), GR2 - Falling wounded, GR4 - Surrendering with arms raised, GR6 - Surrendering (white flag is missing from rifle) , GR10 - Flame-thrower (repainted base). FC 2.00 each
View picture German Storm Troopers (dark grey): GR8 - Running away, GR9 - Kneeling firing rifle FC 2.00 each
Lone*Star Harvey Series Diecast Bren Gun Carrier View picture Bren Carrier Minor chips and scratches, no crew. FC 7.00
Lone*Star Harvey Series frogmen Frogmen (these are all the black Navy version)
Frogmen F7 - With spanner, F5 - With camera FC 2.00 each
Lone*Star Harvey Series Robin Hood figures Robin Hood
View picture Little John. FC 10.00
View picture Sheriffs Men / Normans. FC 7.00 each

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